Cancer Full Moon Circle
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Cancer Full Moon Circle


Join us on Monday, 1/17 for a magical, intimate evening honoring the first Full Moon of 2022! 🌕 During this event, Arlene will lead with astrological insight for the month and how it may be affecting you. After the discussion, Jane-Rae will lead us through a Reiki-infused guided meditation. Other tools such as white sage, herbs, crystals and singing bowls will be used to enhance the experience. We will wrap the evening up with a fire release ritual with a focus on healing old wounds and shedding whatever you don't want to carry into the new year.  

This full moon falls in the intuitive, sensitive sign of Cancer. Cancer is represented by the crab, and reminds us of the importance of feeling at home within ourselves.

We are offering this safe, sacred space to release and let go and to connect with other like-minded individuals.

What to bring:

•yoga mat/blanket

•journal & pen

•water bottle/tea

•crystals or other spiritual tools you feel drawn to

Attendees will receive healing crystals that are associated with this moon. ✨

We look forward to connecting with you! 💫


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