Destiny of the Soul: Exploring Past Lives and Future Potentials
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Destiny of the Soul: Exploring Past Lives and Future Potentials


[Must send birth info to Tara prior to class @ after registering for this class]

In this one-hour astrology class, taught by local astrologer Tara Redfield, you will engage in a dynamic exploration of the lunar nodes in your natal chart and their profound implications for personal growth and self-awareness. While the south node reveals where your soul has been, your north node reveals where your soul is longing to go. This class will provide practical guidance for interpreting the lunar nodes in the context of individual natal charts, allowing students to apply their newfound knowledge with confidence and clarity. All students will receive a copy of their natal chart.

What You'll Learn!
Understanding the Lunar Nodes: Explore the significance of the North and
South Nodes in the natal chart and their symbolic representation of our
karmic path and soul evolution.
Revealing Past Influences: Learn how the South Node reflects our past
life experiences, ingrained patterns, and subconscious tendencies,
offering valuable insights into the challenges we face and the lessons
we need to learn in this lifetime.
Embracing Future Potential: Discover the transformative power of the
North Node as it guides us towards our ultimate purpose and destiny,
encouraging growth, self-discovery, and the fulfillment of our highest
Navigating Karmic Patterns: Examine the intricate interplay between the
lunar nodes and other planetary placements in the natal chart, gaining a
deeper understanding of how past influences shape our present
circumstances and future trajectory.
This class is suitable for astrology enthusiasts of all levels, who are
eager to deepen their understanding of astrological principles and
unlock the transformative potential of their lunar nodes.
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